Fun - Empowerment - Results


KeepFit Women is for all women who value the support of strong women, the rush of a
great workout and who are up for tackling whatever challenges come their way

We are for women who want to love their workouts.

Our Start

As an athlete and soccer player for her whole life, founder of KeepFit Women, Jeenie Brasseur, found herself missing the camaraderie and motivation that team sports provided after experiencing a big change in lifestyle. She found that working out alone just didn’t provide the same fun, motivating and challenging experience, even for someone knowledgeable and experienced in fitness.
Jeenie found that many women she knew were struggling with their fitness routines too, due to a lack of motivation, knowledge and accountability. Turns out, there’s just nothing that compares to the way you push yourself when you’re surrounded by a group of women challenging themselves and having a blast. 
So, Jeenie combined her fitness experience with that fun, motivating team environment to create a program for women just like you to get real results while finally, enjoying your workout.

After becoming a mom, Jeenie also discovered that her community was lacking a space for new moms to bring their babies and get in a great workout that focused on safe, postpartum exercise. That’s exactly why KeepFit Women created our StrollerFit programs, as a judgment-free space for mamas to feel supported in exercise! We love that you can safely transition back into fitness, attend to your babes as needed and feel badass after your workout.
Our signature programs, KFW FitCamp®️and KFW StrollerFit are designed to get women full-body results that actually stick. At KeepFit Women you won’t find any crash dieting, overtraining, vilifying food choices or unrealistic quick fixes. Instead, we take a holistic approach to fitness & nutrition that’s rooted in educating and empowering women to make confident decisions. We believe that fitness should be a lifelong journey, so we want to give you the tools you need to feel healthier, stronger and more confident while also creating a fun environment for you to thrive!


KeepFit Women may have started as a one-woman part-time gig but we have expanded into a quickly growing franchise brand with multiple divisions operating across the GTA and Southern Ontario.
Since our start in 2017, KeepFit Women has helped hundreds of women across Canada get stronger, feel better in their skin and make empowered decisions through our in-person coaching, virtual programs, free resources and online coach support.
We have continued to develop our KFW FitCamp®️ & KFW StrollerFit programs until perfection so badass women like you feel empowered in your workouts and get the long-lasting, mind-blowing results to your mind, body and lifestyle you’ve been craving. Our signature fun, upbeat and encouraging vibe is guaranteed to make you enjoy your workouts again and finally, crush those health and fitness goals.
One more thing…helping women love fitness & wellness is what we do, we’re also dedicated to helping better our communities. So, we’ve donated thousands of dollars to charities through fundraising workouts (like our annual Sweat & Suds event!), offered free movement sessions and FitCamp/StrollerFit memberships, and gifted spots at our Retreats by KeepFit Women. Be sure to follow KeepFit Women on Instagram to stay up to date with our community events and giveaways.


KeepFit Women is on a mission to empower women to change the way they think about health & fitness. So, we’re always looking to partner with like-minded fitness professionals in Ontario who embody the KFW values and want to bring our signature programs to the women of their community.
If you are passionate about fitness education and holistic total-body wellness (including mindset and nutrition!) and have a desire to start your own business, you can own a KeepFit division! Your investment includes everything you need to get started and run a successful business including program curriculums, brand assets, templates, a website, training and hands-on support.
We are looking to expand KeepFit Women across Ontario, so if you’re interested in gaining all the tools to start your own business and helping the women in your community lead healthier, stronger lives click below for more information about franchise opportunities and book a complimentary no-pressure chat with our CEO, Jeenie!