License the Award-Winning KFW FitCamp™️ program

License the Award-Winning KFW FitCamp™️ program

The KeepFit Women FitCamp™️ Program?

The KeepFit Women FitCamp program is our signature and award-winning fitness program. This program is an in-person fitness program that is designed to be results-driven. The KeepFit Women FitCamp program embodies a holistic approach to fitness and wellness

KeepFit Women Values:

At KeepFit Women, our core values represent our commitment to approaching wellness on a whole-body level. We view fitness as a tool to improve your life not just your aesthetic, which sets us apart from others. Our core values are:

  • We empower women by making Fitness fun and accessible.
  • We educate and empower our members to better understand Nutrition. We advocate for healthy and sustainable lifestyles, not temporary and unsustainable diets.
  • We encourage a positive Mindset by embracing diversity in size & abilities and focusing on growth, not change.
  • We inspire women to come together in Community in support of a common goal; to be a better version of ourselves. ead female participants of varying ages, fitness levels and life stages through a challenging and motivating workout 2-3x per week.

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We would like to gather some information to help begin the process and learn more about your intended use of our incredible KFW brand. We understand that you may be in the beginning stages and not have all the necessary information, so please complete this form with as much information as you have available at this time. All of the information you provide will be held in confidence.