The Roadmap e-Book

The Roadmap to Feeling Strong, Motivated and Consistent is a 16 page ebook full of simple and effective workouts, delicious recipes and actionable tools to kickstart your fitness, nutrition and mindset journey, KeepFit Women style!

What’s included:

16 pages
Consistency & Accountability
Simple workouts
Easy Recipes

Pre and Postnatal Workshops [In Person]

A workshop for new mamas & mamas-to-be who are looking to learn how to get back in to exercise in the safest and most effective way.

At this workshop you will learn about:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Basic lifting mechanics
  • Pelvic floor awareness
  • Exercise basics through pregnancy
  • Mindfulness of movement through postpartum
  • The importance of accessory movements for recovery
  • Babywearing/carrying

Next Date: January 30th, 2022
Location: Bowmanville, ON

inFITNITy Transformation Mock up (1)

inFITnity Whole Body Transformation [Online]

This 8 week transformation program is designed to give you focus, clarity and every single detail you will need on your fitness and wellness journey.

This program will help you transform your body, while keep your whole body health, body and mind, a number one priority. This program includes:

  • A full 'Intro Week' ebook that goes over all of the details you need to prep for these 8 weeks
  • A weekly workout e-book for 8 weeks (3 strategic phases)
  • A detailed meal plan (recipes, weekly plan, grocery list, nutrition details) each week, for 8 weeks
  • A weekly wellness challenge to keep you striving for whole body health

    This program is NOT about overtraining yourself 6-7 days a week at the gym, obsessing over calories, counting macronutrients or being restrictive with yourself in any way.


PRENATAL fitmamas

A full preggo-friendly workout program designed by Jeenie, founder of KeepFit Women, a pre and postnatal exercise design specialist and a certified personal trainer. Our FitMamas program is specifically designed to align with the most recent ‘Canadian Guidelines for Physical Activity Throughout Pregnancy’, so you can rest assured we’re on the cutting edge of current fit pregnancy trends and safety!

What’s included:

  • 3 day/week Pregnancy Safe workout plan – done at home or at the gym
  • 7 day meal plan, full of specific preggo-safe recipes and nutrition that supports, energizes, and nourishes your body during pregnancy
  • Email access to your pre- and postnatal exercise design specialist throughout your program for questions and support
  • Suitable for all 3 trimesters
  • BONUS: Immediate and lifetime Access to the #IAmKeepFitWomen Online Community