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KFW Running & Kickboxing Experience Drop-In

KFW Running & Kickboxing Experience Drop-In

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Join Coach Alannah & Coach Erin for a 1 hour running & kickboxing experience! 

This experience will include both a running segment & kickboxing segment from 2 of KFWs expert coaches. The session will include:

  • a guided warm up
  • run specific mini strength series (including explanations on WHY we do these things)
  • Mini block run (including walking lunges, sprints, etc)
  • kickboxing demonstration and guided workout 
  • A guided cool down 

No experience in running or kickboxing needed! 
All fitness levels welcome  

Meet at Northglen Park at 8am (110 Northglen Blvd, Bowmanville, ON L1C 0T6)


KFW Drop-Ins are open to all women (KFW members and non members), and as always, LGBTQIA+ friendly. 

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