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KeepFit Women

inFITnity eBook

inFITnity eBook

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There are so many at home fitness programs out there, but with the KFW inFITnity e-book you will truly have a holistic transformation to crush your health and fitness goals. 

This is an 8 week workout routine, with 3 specifically designed “phases” to help you shed fat and gain lean muscle. Each week you'll receive 3 different workouts, a wellness theme to focus on, weekly meal plan, and a reflection sheet to help you make note of your accomplishments.

What is included:

  • Pre+ Post Program Assessments to track your progress throughout the 8 weeks
  • Education on how to progress, calculate your BMR and calories, fitness terms to know
  • Prompts to reflect on your progress throughout the program
  • Fun and effective weekly workouts
  • Nutritious and delicious weekly meal plans (30+ pages)
  • Scheduling resources to keep you on track and accountable
  • Wellness resources to for a holistic approach to fitness with your mind and body
  • Inspirational motivation to keep you on track!


  • Sustainable healthy habits to continue in your day to day life after the 8 week transformation
  • Knowledge to continue your fitness regime and nutrition on your own
  • Increased muscle strength and cardiovascular capacity
  • Improved mindset from your accomplishments and increased energy 
  • Decreased fat and increased lean muscle 


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