Prenatal Workout


1) Exertion Level: The most current guideline for ‘how hard to work’ during workouts while pregnant is what is called the Talk Test. When exercising during pregnancy, you should still be able to carry on a light conversation, meaning at least a couple word sentences.  If you are very breathy & can hardly speak, then you are working out too hard.

2) Listen to your body: If a movement is causing you pain or discomfort on any given day, skip it! That is completely okay. It is more important to listen to your body than it is to follow the program in exact detail. Feel free to add or remove dumbbells depending on your energy levels and how your body feels on workout days.

3) Pelvic Floor: I always recommend that my Prenatal and Postnatal clients see a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. These
professionals are able to evaluate and give you tips on core function and pelvic floor health based on your specific body. (Hint: Kegels are not recommended for everyone.) See a Pelvic floor physiotherapist so that they can make recommendations specific to your body.

Tip: Some clinics offer free initial consultations!

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