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“The easiest (and most affordable!) way to get fit from home, anytime, anywhere, and be held accountable. Girl, we’re making it easy for you!”

Online Membership Program
The most cost-effective way to get guided, video workouts from ANYWHERE! Your one-stop-shop for everything fitness, nutrition, self-care, mindset, and getting the closest personal access with your KeepFit Women MemberFIT Coaches!

This is designed to be a year round solution for FitCampers who want to keep up their workouts and nutrition, outside of FitCamp Seasons.

It is also a perfect program for those women who want to join the #IAmKeepFitWomen approach and community, but do not live in FitCamp areas.

Wanna know what you get every month?

✓  Video library full of at easy-to-do at home workouts (10-12 Workout Videos added to your library each month) Varied workout styles, all 30 minutes or less – for MAXIMUM results in a SHORT amount of time!

✓  1 Recipe Book

✓  1 Grocery List

✓  1 Self-Care “Focus” Monthly (including extras like audio meditations, breathing techniques, and mindset coaching)

✓  Monthly Group Coaching Calls

✓  Immediate and lifetime Access to the #IAmKeepFitWomen Online Community

✓  Unlimited Exclusive Coaching and Support

✓  Accountability and motivation that’ll keep you ON TRACK

✓  The most only way to get the KeepFit Women team, YEAR ROUND, as your own personal fitness, wellness and mindset coaches!



✓  Workout Video Library filled with fun and effective workouts, 15-30 minutes each

✓  Access to the full video library (which grows every month!) so you always have options

✓  Variety of different workouts to suit your needs, workout history, and to keep your body guessing!

✓  Your workouts can be modified for ALL levels, and  include: minimal equipment, different muscle group focuses, whole-body workouts, HIIT training, cardio, and yoga/stretching

✓  1 recipe book with grocery list per month, filled with simple, easy-to-make recipes

✓  1 mindset component per month (mindfulness activities, education and mindset coaching)

✓  Easy-to-view format can be done from your phone, computer, or smart TV

✓  Workout with your trainers ANYWHERE, ANYTIME with or without equipment!

✓  The most affordable monthly membership option available (…because let’s be real, we all need a simple, cost effective fitness solution!)

✓  Immediate and lifetime access to #IAmKeepFitWomen online support community

✓  A perfect compliment to your LIVE FitCamp sessions, or in addition to your current healthy lifestyle initiatives!




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