InFITnity Transformation

Online Program


“Transform your bod without sacrificing your normal life!”

What’s the InFITnity Transformation Program?

This 8 week transformation program is designed to give you focus, clarity and every single detail you will need on your fitness and wellness journey. This program will help you transform your body, while keep your whole body health, body and mind, a number one priority.

This program is NOT overtraining yourself 6-7 days a week at the gym, obsessing over calories, counting macronutrients or being restrictive with yourself in any way.


What’s included?

✓ An 8 week workout routine, with 3 specifically designed “phases” to help you shed fat and gain lean muscle

✓ 3 easy-to-follow workout programs per week

✓ Wellness themes, Workouts and your Meal plan will be released in your member portal, week by week, as you progress through the program, to help keep you on track and consistent AF

✓ A Video library of movements, to ensure you are confident in your exercise form and movements.

✓ A FULL 8 week meal plan e-book created by a Holistic Nutritionist (includes breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks)

✓ Grocery lists

✓ Printable workout journal to track your progress

✓ Physical assessment tools and guidelines for measuring your success

✓ Weekly wellness challenges

✓ Immediate and lifetime Access to the #IAmKeepFitWomen Online Community

✓ A chance to win $250 cash!



You’re ready to tackle this 8 week TRANSFORMATION program if:

✓ You are ready to transform your body and shed fat

✓ You are committed to 8 weeks to focus on your success

✓ You can fit in 3 dedicated workouts per week (under 1 hour, at home or at the gym)

✓ You are excited and motivated to learn new recipes and implement healthier nutrition habits (that stick)

✓ You want to create a whole body approach to fitness and health

✓ You want long lasting results

✓ You have a few dumbbells at home (or at the gym) that have been collecting dust – and you want to start putting them to good use!

*This program isn’t for you if:

✗ You cant commit to 8 weeks of trying and learning new things OR if you’re just looking for a “quick fix”.

We want to show you how to get lasting results! And we’ll help you start that journey, if you’re ready!

60 Day Program. Access to inFITnity program for 90 days. (30 extra days, cause we get it, life happens!)


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